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UCELL is a new, cutting edge technology using the Regenerative and Stem Cells from YOUR own blood to rejuvenate your skin. Your body knows how to heal itself. It is continually regenerating itself day after day. But sometimes it needs a little help deciding what to do and where. Your body knows when a trauma occurs, like a cut on your leg whilst shaving, it signals the local cells to start regenerating the skin and surrounding tissues. Just like that, UCELL will signal the skin on your face, hands, or neck to do the same... only without the trauma!

It works like PhotoActivated PRP treatments without the needles. The reason lasers work is because they damage the skin, then the body signals the skin to regenerate. UCELL signals the body to regenerate without doing any damage to the skin. This stem cell cream is available in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ask your Doctor about it or for more info visit: www.bangkokstemcells.com




The left hand was treated using the UCELL stem cell cream, the right was not.


The Visia Facial Scans pictured to the right are the only US FDA approved equipment for Clinical evidence of skin quality improvement. As you can see, there is significant improvement in number of wrinkles (smoother skin), reduction of the Brown Spots score, and they indicated improvement in all 8 categories of measurement calculated by the Visia Equipment. Above you can visually see the left hand was treated with UCELL and the right hand was not, again in only 6 weeks we do see regeneration. Contact us to see how you can use your own blood to heal and rejuvenate your skin.



The above scan clearly show clinical improvement in 10 weeks after using the UCELL stem cell cream for cosmetic applications. There was a reduction in wrinkles and also brown spots. This is made using the patients own blood stem cells and available at select clinics in Bangkok, Thailand.



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