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The following videos show how Adult Stem Cells can be used to treat Stroke and brain injury in Bangkok, Thailand. The procedure is simple and done the one day. Fat is extracted from the patient's abdomin, the stem cells are isoloated and returned through intravenous drip. Contact us for more information.

There are over 130 published clinical trials using Adult Stem Cells to treat Stroke, Brain Injury and neurological conditions. Results, techniques, cellular implantation and protocols using adult stem cells are safe and have clinical evidence of patient benefit. ( see articles below for adult stem cells and brain injury )

  • Below is a case of a 14 year old boy treated with activated adipose derived stem cells. The stem cells were taken from the abdominal area of the boy, activated and tagged with Indium 111. A scan of the brain was done 24 hours later and it is clear the stem cells homed in on the area of injury. See the yellow circle in the middle of the image, showing stem cells. Red arrow points for activated stem cells give by intravenous drip.

Indium Brain Scan arrow

Image show activated adipose stem cells homing in on area of brain injury. Scan was done using Indium-111 in a 14 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy.

See area of yellow, RED ARROW




Below is another patient that has cerebellar atrophy. They were given their own activated Adipose Stem Cells, tagged with TC99. A scan was done on their brain 24 hours later in the hospital clearly showing the activated stem cells had homed in on the area of brain injury.

  • See area in yellow box – dark represents presence of tagged adipose stem cells
  • Yellow arrow points to brain injury and presence of tagged adipose stem cells only in the area of injury




Yellow box shows tagged stem cells in area of brain injury


Arrow points to dark area of tagged adipose stem cells homing in an brain injury.


Please click on the below link if you would like to read published peer reviewed papers on the use of adult stem cells for treatment of Stroke and Brain Injury. If you would like to have a doctor review your case and see if you might be a candidate please contact us at info@bangkokstemcells.com


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