• Using Dendritic Cells to Create Cancer Vaccines
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Dendritic Cell - This video is a basic overview of how these cells ( DC cells ) recognize pathogens or prostate cancer and take them back to the lymph nodes. There, white blood cells are presented or educated about the invader or in this case prostate cancer. These DC cells are found throughout the body and are the "sentinels" or warning cells.

For prostate cancer treatment they are harvested from the patient’s own blood. Then expanded, grown or multiplied in the labratory. A biopsy of the patients own prostate cancer is also needed for this treatment. This biopsy ( which can be frozen prostate cancer ) will be used to “educated” or prime the expanded cells to recognize the patient’s own prostate cancer as an invader. Then the cells will be returned back to the patient, usually one week later. This is personalized medicine or sometimes called a prostate cancer vaccine. The “educated” dendritic cells then go and attack the protate cancer in the patient. This is done once a month by Intravenous drip, depending on the patient’s particular prostate cancer and the doctor’s orders.

The future of dendritic cell therapy for cancer, predicted 5 years ago by Stanford Medical Researcher. This presentation is from 2007. Prostate cancer treatment or cancer vaccine is available today for patients with early stage prostate cancer who prefer to opt for immunotherapy as a first course of action.

Trio get Nobel for Medicine 
Three scientists who unlocked the secrets of the body’s immune system have won the 2011 Nobel prize for medicine.
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