• Advanced Adipose Stem Cell and PAPRP Joint Treatments
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Many famous athletes like Bartolo Colon and Tiger Woods have undergone this type of procedure with excellent results. The video shows how Adult Stem Cells and PRP can be used to treat golf related injuries to knees, shoulders and Joint Pain. A small amount of blood and abdominal fat is removed from the patient, stem cells are isolated, activated and injected into the golf injury. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks for complete healing to occur.

Hip pain is becoming one the most common issues for adults as we age. Treatment options are few and degeneration can be caused by many factors, well noted in the medical literature. Our purpose is to help educate suffers of hip pain about regenerative medicine options like platelet rich plasma, (PRP), adult stem cells treatment. These adult stem cell therapies are obtained using the patients own blood, adipose ( fat ) or juvenile mesenchymal stem cells. In some late stage cases only surgery is an option, but these treatments can also be combined to help healing.


Above is a hip replacement surgery. Many patients have avoided this type of procedure and have used adult stem cells or platelet rich plasma non surgical injections to support regeneration of the joint, reducing pain.

How does Platelet Rich Plasma work ?

The procedure involves a standard blood draw from the patient. It is painless and takes about 10 minutes. The trained and certified technician will use a sterile procedure to process the blood obtaining millions of platelet and may add adult stem cells. These will be activated using a special Laser Light source to increase the activities of the cells in your blood. This “activation ” of your cells is critical, if not activated the cells are dormant and will not signal damaged tissue to heal. The solution of cells is then injected into your hip joint or joints by the doctor under local anesthesia, again a painless process. Your cells will adhere to damaged hip tissue and signal the regeneration process to start.

PRP-diagram-hip injection

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