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The following videos show how a child's own fat stem cells can be used to treat autism. The procedure is simple and takes one day. It involves a mini-liposuction procedure. Some fat is harvested from the child's abdomen. Then the fat is processed and the stem cells are isolated. Next, some Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained from the child's blood. This is mixed with the stem cells.

They are then injected into a saline bag and returned to the child through a simple saline drip. The stem cells will go to the areas they are needed. In many cases they will home in on the intestinal track and brain. Here, they will secrete cytokines and growth factors. This will signal the resident stem cells to proliferate, causing tissue regeneration. If stem cell banking or cryopreservation is available, the child can receive multiple doses over a period of time. Please contact us for more information.

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Thanks to a New Stem Cell Therapy, a 9-year Old Autistic Boy Talks to his Father for the First Time

Tue Apr 13, 3:01 am ET

Autism in children has increased dramatically around the world since the 1980′s and is now a major health concern with no known cure. The causes of autism are hotly debated, but a new stem cell treatment has begun to demonstrate significant results.

Athens, Greece (PRWEB) April 13, 2010 — Following remarkable improvement in the condition of children who have received this stem cell treatment for autism, a group of doctors in Greece are preparing a protocol for submission to the Ministry of Health for an official clinical trial on autism. For over 50 years doctors have been safely using hematopoietic stem cells from bone marrow to treat blood disorders and compromised immune systems and more recently mesenchyme stem cells for repair of damaged and injured tissue. These same stem cells are found in abdominal fat in much larger numbers and can be removed with a mini-liposuction. A biotech company, AdiStem Ltd, has developed technology that can quickly and cheaply allow doctors to harvest the stem cells from the extracted fat and return the cells back to the patient in an activated form in a single setting. In the autistic children, their own stem cells were returned to them intravenously. This autologous procedure avoids rejection by the body and there are no ethical or regulatory issues.

The stem cell technology developed by AdiStem for the past 5 years has been used and trialed by doctors around the world for the treatment of type II diabetes and its complications, osteoarthritis, and cosmetic medicine. Physicians in Greece approached the company recently with the intent to treat Yannis, the son of Dr. Solomos, a cardiologist. Yannis, a 9 year old boy, had been diagnosed with autism but not responded to standard treatments.



Today marks Joshua’s 7 month anniversary since his stem cell transplant. I can honestly say it has been a journey that has made me sit back in amazement to God’s goodness.

So many changes … so many positive experiences … so much so that I stand in awe knowing that he is no longer the same young man that we took to the Dominican Republic.

He is enjoying so many typical things now … just many years after when he should have gone through these stages. THings like games, books, puzzles, legos etc. are now all such an enjoyment for him.

Today I took him out and bought his first ever cell phone. He is totally excited about it … He starts his job training program tomorrow and needs a phone in order to be able to call home when he is needing picked up. He doesn’t know how to use it … but he just kept saying over and over .. Mine .. my cell phone, big man! It was so precious that he was acknowledging that he is growing up into a young man … I was totally in awe that he was speaking to total strangers … something that previously was so frightening for him to do … I just wish I had thought to bring the new camcorder along with me today … I just never expected that reaction!

We have just in the past three weeks started giving Joshua Camel’s milk to drink. We are very pleased with the results. Honestly I was frightened at first … it caused massive die off, serious hyperactivity and a return of that awful word … yeast! However, he has settled back down now and is showing amazing clarity and has been spot on in following directions. It is like the two (stem cell and Camel’s milk) are working well together … Camel’s milk does not contain the type of caseine that causes issues in autism … but rather a whole host of positive great things in it. As a matter of fact, it is considered a whole food, one in which can sustain life for a very long time … We are seeing very positive things happening in Joshua’s digestive system as well …

It has been a great 7 months ! We are praising God for all of Joshua’s miraculous changes. He is truly becoming a wonderful young man full of promise that is learning by leaps and bounds. His vocabularly has increased so greatly this past couple of months that I can no longer predict what it is that he will say … whereas before I could. His receptive langauge is simply amazing. He is enjoying so many adult type shows now whereas before he was stuck in a continous loop of things like Sponge Bob … Now he prefers things on Hallmark Channel to watch … He is enjoying movies, and news shows etc … much more appropriate to a 19 year old …

All I can say is thanks to God … and thanks to those of you that had a part in Joshua’s life!




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