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  • AdiStem Autism Case Study of Clinical Trial Participant
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The following videos show how a child's own fat stem cells can be used to treat autism. The procedure is simple and takes one day. It involves a mini-liposuction procedure. Some fat is harvested from the child's abdomen. Then the fat is processed and the stem cells are isolated. Next, some Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained from the child's blood. This is mixed with the stem cells.

Juvenile mesenchymal stem cells are prepared into a saline bag and given to the child through a simple saline drip. The stem cells will go to the areas they are needed. In many cases they will home in on the intestinal track and brain. Here, they will secrete cytokines and growth factors. This will signal the resident stem cells to proliferate, causing tissue regeneration. The child can receive multiple doses over a period of time. Duke University in the United States has successfully used cord blood stem cell to treat Autistic children with very solid clinical results. This is published peer reviewed scientific evidence of how adult stem cell can safely help your child.

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