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Anti Aging
The following videos show how Adult Stem Cells derived from the patients own fat are used for Anti-aging treatments in Bangkok, Thailand. The procedure is simple and done the one day. Fat is extracted from the patient's abdomin, the stem cells are isoloated and returned through a simple intravenous drip. Contact us for more information.

A new technology is now available for patients seeking Anti-aging treatments. It is call juvenile mesenchymal stem cell therapy or MSC treatment. The technology harvests very small  stem cells from the umbilical cord. These cells are very small and difficult to isolate. Once isolated the cells are activated or “woken up ” in a clean room lab using patented technology.

step is critical as they must be ready to go repair the body. The cells are given via an Intravenous drip or IV. The cells are also used for facial rejuvenation and hair rejuvenation as part of a total Anti-aging package. This procedure technically advanced and uses the latest in stem cell technology to give patients a youthful and clinically proven result. The are hundreds of published peer reviewed research papers using umbilical cord stem cell treatments.


Patient Case Study – adult stem cells for Anti Aging – hair changing back to original color

Anti-aging – patient from Florida, USA, very healthy, hair changing back to original color, December 2013 treatment using adult stem cells. Four months after  stem cell therapy for Anti-aging patient had increased vitality and hair growth. The adult stem cell treatment was done in Bangkok, Thailand.



Juvenile Mesenchymal Stem Cell ( JMSC)

Advanced Anti-Aging Treatment

A revolutionary advancement in Stem Cell Therapy has now arrived. Our medical team has brought us one step further ahead in regenerative medical technology to halt the aging process and brings us one step closer to the fountain of youth. The separation and activation of Adult Stem Cells  produces an anti-aging regenerative effect that may exceed all other cell therapies used to date.
Humans have a regenerative quality or ability to regrow damaged tissue cells or organs in response to injury. Certain adult stem cells do not harbor the capability to regenerate, or regrow cells in many human tissues. Pluripotent stem cells do. Our therapy for anti-aging, cosmetic and medical concerns advances cell therapy dramatically especially for the ease to the patient. Bangkok Stem Cells and its Network Physicians provide published peer reviewed clinical trials and medical evidence that MSC Therapy is today’s answer to the reversal of aging and to organs that are degenerating.
Physicians and researchers are looking to enhance the effectiveness of current medical treatments and find ways to treat patients while avoiding the invasive procedures that characterise many other cell therapies. Bangkok Stem Cells technology partner has identified a stem cell that holds the ability to differentiate to any human tissue or human cell structure. What makes this procedure unique is the ease of obtaining the cells through a simple blood donation. the technology to isolate and activate these powerful adult stem cells becomes is very advanced biochemistry.


How will juvenile MSCs Therapy Help Slow the Aging Process?
Juvenile MSCs possess a unique anti – aging effect by means of regenerating and repairing organs damaged by stress and various toxins we are exposed to in our daily life and by improving immune functions. These cells also produce functional cells, of any type, with an increased proliferation capacity to slow the aging process. Aging is a process by which cells become more damaged over time and die. As we age fewer and fewer of those cells are replaced and we slowly decay. Thus the introduction of new stem cells and supportive treatments potentially slow down or reverse this process. This is known are cell replacement theory.
Healthy individuals have youthfulness of the skin that is maintained by epidermal cells that self-renew, produce daughter cells and become new skin. Despite accumulation of aging blemishes and changes in aged skin, epidermal regenerative cells are maintained at normal levels throughout life. Therefore, skin ageing is caused by impaired regenerative cell mobilization from the bone marrow or reduced number of regenerative cells able to respond to repair signals. Our advanced MSC treatment corrects these impairments through skin injections.

The most evident beauty response in patients who have had our anti-aging cell therapy is the appearance of the facial skin a few weeks after therapy – it glows. After stem cell treatment injections, you will notice a smoothness and improvement in color along with a look of youthfulness, more capillary formation, more fibroblast and collagen production, improved younger looking skin, grey hair has been noted to regain its original color and bald spots have filled in.

Our advanced MSC procedures are safe, as they use the patient own cells. The regenerative capacity of stem cells allow for safe and effective treatments for a host of medical conditions as clinical experience has demonstrated. The laboratory process adheres to cGMP safety standards and EU protocols for sterile cell therapy protocols. Therefore, there is no fear of rejection or contamination.

Bangkok stem cells juvenile MSC Treatment Programs includes local injections to various sites. These include facial treatments, hair treatments, joint injections, penis injection and intravenous application. The price does vary according to the final treatment plan from the medical team, doctor and patient specific requests. Most comprehensive programs are usually 5-7 or 7-10 day plans, where follow-up visits are generally 3-day plans. All treatments are carried out at our modern clinic and accommodations are available at many spacious 5-star hotels. Our staff may assist making other personal arrangements as requested, making accommodation not only luxurious but convenient.

To become eligible for treatment, please contact us and we will ask questions required for an intake form. This will be reviewed by our doctors along with supportive lab results, diagnostics or reports necessary to see if the patient can be accepted for treatment. Once we have received the appropriate medical information, the assigned patient coordinator will contact you with our physician review or questions within 24 hours.


Scientist have gotten the stem cell treatment and medical imaging shows stem cells “home in” on areas of injured or damaged tissue. Then the activated stem cells secrete growth factors and signal resident stem cells to repair or regenerate the tissue, promoting an Anti-aging effect for the whole body. The number of stem cells are not as important as the activation or secretions that coming off the patients own stem cells.



This image shows how specific light sources help activated cells, cord stem cells or mesenchymal stem cells. Activation induces release of powerful growth factors need to heal injured or damaged tissue. Unactivated or dormant stem cells will not produce healing in joints, lungs and other tissue types.

This technology has been used in Published Peer Reviewed Clinical Trials in the USA and the EU. It has Institutional Review Board Approvals for both safety and efficacy for the use of adipose derived stem cells.



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